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The Hotel

The History of the Clifton Hotel Shanklin

The person behind the building of Clifton House in 1860 when Shanklin was a booming Victorian Spa resort was William Prouten, Fisherman and Innkeeper at The Chine Inn. William’s wife Frances was a member of the Daish family that established Daish’s Hotel in the Old Village. Their daughters Ann and Fanny Prouten lived in and ran Clifton House as a lodging house. When William Prouten died in 1880 Clifton House was bought under terms set out in his Will by William Deeks, who was the husband of another one of William Prouten’s daughters, Louisa.

By 1901 The Clifton was still being run as a lodging house but had changed hands to Edwin and Alice Jefford. We have a picture of The Clifton from 1913 when it seemed to be letting accommodation, and certainly, know that in 1921 it was being run as a boarding house by a Mrs Clark and her two daughters. Since then it gradually evolved into the hotel you see now, having been owned and operated by several families. Later additions from the Sixties onwards include the conservatory with views across the garden and out to sea.

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