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Isle of Wight – Top 5 Isle of Wight Days Out for a Rainy Day

Snow or Rain? The Suns not shining? Nevermind here are the Cliftons Top 5 Days out indoors on the usually sunny Isle of Wight.

1. Dimbola Museum & Galleries.

Dimbola Lodge was the Isle of Wight home of the Victorian pioneer photographer Julia Margaret Cameron from 1860 to 1875. It is now a Museum and Gallery owned by the Julia Margaret Cameron Trust and dedicated to her life and work, which also showcases contemporary exhibitions from photographers around the globe. Julia created almost all her photographs at Dimbola and it soon became a focal point for a crowd of bohemian artists, writers and poets such as Alfred Lord Tennyson, G.F Watts & Lewis Carroll


Visit Dimbola’s Website

2. Shipwreck & Maritime Museum.

The Shipwreck Centre & Maritime Museum was founded in 1978 and had been an ambition of the owner, Martin Woodward, since he first started diving on shipwrecks off the Isle of Wight in the 1960s. Martin, a professional diver by trade who is very passionate about shipwrecks and maritime history, has amassed a huge collection of shipwreck artefacts over the years, but retained it all to put on display to the public. Martin’s collection has been on display to the public since his museum first opened in 1978 in Bembridge, however in 2006 the museum expanded and moved to Arreton Barns where it has been thriving. In 2017 the Maritime Archaeology Trust, a charity with over 25 years? experience in research, investigations and pioneering techniques for the study of marine cultural heritage took over the management of the museum. shipwreck-centre


Visit Shipwreck and Maritime Website

3. Dinosaur Isle Museum.

Dinosaur Isle is an all-year-round facility, combining entertainment, education and enjoyment. Displays use clever lighting, artwork, sound, smells and animatronic technology to create an exciting experience. As well as the displays, there is a working laboratory on view, and a room set aside for learning sessions. Full disabled access is available, and the facility has a large shop. Browns cafeteria is immediately next door to the site. Located next to the sandy beach at Sandown, within a short distance of the excellent geological exposures at Yaverland. The new museum displays over 1000 of the best fossils from the collections, and the dedicated museum staff and volunteers have spent much time preparing the specimens for the new displays. An introductory exhibition gallery covers the geology and fossils of the Island in a walk back through time, taking the visitor from the Ice Age of the recent past, back to the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs lived. This leads to the large dinosaur gallery, which has exciting displays including real fossils, skeletal reconstructions, life-sized fleshed re-constructions and two animatronic dinosaurs.Dinosaur-Isle


Visit Dinosaur Isle Website

4. Brading Roman Villa

Situated overlooking Sandown Bay on the Isle of Wight, Brading Roman Villa is one of the finest Roman sites in the UK. Our award-winning Visitor Centre and Museum offer unique insights into Roman life in Britain from beautifully preserved mosaic floors to an extensive collection of Roman archaeology. It’s a great attraction for Isle of Wight days out rain or shine. brading-roman-villa


Visit Brading Roman Villa Website

5. Isle of Wight Pearl

Isle of Wight Pearl is a family owned and run business which has called the island home for almost 30 years. Dedicated to the art of pearl jewellery, their showroom offers unmissable views over the English Channel. There are many breath-taking views on the Isle of Wight, but Chilton Chine is one of our favourite, a stunning natural beach not far from our venue on the southwest coast. Its sands feature natural green and red clay as well as ancient shells and fossils from the prehistoric era. Chilton is just a few miles away from the world famous Needles landmark Isle-of-Wight-Pearl


Visit Isle of Wight Pearl Website