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Meet the Isle of Wight’s creative individuals

The Isle of Wight is home to some of the UK’s most interesting and vibrant people, despite it being just a tiny spot of England. It’s home to fantastic foodies creating perfect culinary creations, wonderful artisan craftsmen and women making some of the highest quality items across the globe, an eclectic mix of musicians, storytellers, authors and even some adventurers. Find out a little more about some of the Isle of Wight’s most characterful individuals in our latest blog.

Owen Burson, adventurer extraordinaire
Many people who have grown up on the Isle of Wight within the past few years have had some kind of involvement with Owen’s company – The Isle of Wight Adventure Activities. A brilliant outreach and education programme that works with schools to run a series of land and sea adventure activities, helping students to build independence, confidence and their team skills. From kayaking through to bush survival skills, there’s something for everyone to do at the IOW Adventure Activities.

Owen has set up the company himself, with help from his wife Michelle, and they have been working together for over 11 years building a series of programmes, activities and interesting things for both locals and visitors alike to take part in. If you’d like to take part in the wealth of activities that Owen and his wife have carefully created, you can visit their website to book your space – or go and see them at their newest headquarters in Tapnell Farm.

Abraham Seaforth, master chocolatier 
Abraham Seaforth quite aptly found his way to the Isle of Wight through a sailing course and, sick of the hustle and bustle of London life, moved his chocolate company to the Island – and for that we are incredibly grateful.

Now, Abraham spends his time creating wonderfully rich dark chocolate – you can buy the bars in quantities of up to 100%. After teaching himself to make chocolate at home, he set up his business in February 2015 – even hand drawing the packaging himself, and now his business is incredibly successful – both because of the taste of the chocolate he creates, and the way he sources and delivers his ingredients which give every bar that extra charm. The cocoa beans he uses are delivered by a beautiful old 32m Brigantine sailing vessel to the end of Yarmouth Pier, so there’s zero carbon used in their journey here from the Dominican Republic or Grenada.

You can now buy Seaforth Chocolate wherever you are in the UK, by visiting his website.