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A secret shared: The Clifton shares all-important local knowledge – part 2

When it comes to any holiday, wherever you go in the world, you really can’t beat a bit of local knowledge to help you find the best sights to see, the best deals to be had, the best places to eat and the best attractions to visit. Sometimes, locals are keen to keep these hidden gems to themselves – but here at The Clifton we believe in sharing all that we know about this beautiful Island, so everyone can benefit from it. We are always helping our guests benefit from our local knowledge, showing them places to visit that may not be as obvious in the tourism guides.

Here are just a few of the places we’d recommend stopping by when on the Island, at any time of the year. We’ll be doing a few of these blogs over the next few weeks and months, sharing all of our secrets with you!

Devils Chimney Bonchurch

1. The Devils Chimney walk
The Devil’s Chimney on the Isle of Wight is a little known, hidden treasure located between Shanklin and Ventnor. Whilst the name may sound sinister, it is actually a beautiful and hidden part of the coast that’s accessible by those willing to take a few steps.
The Devil’s chimney is a natural split in the rock through which you can climb down and emerge in a wooded area perfect for walking, exploring and wandering in the glorious Island weather.

The Devil’s Chimney can be accessed by car, with parking in a nearby public car park, and those looking for some sustenance before or after their trip can stop at some of the quaint tea rooms in the nearby area.



2. Newtown Bird Hide
Newtown contains its own hidden treasure with its Bird Hide. The hide looks over Newtown’s wetland areas which have a variety of feathered friends visiting all year round – whether wanting to see summer or winter birds. To find the bird hide, head to Newtown and take a look for the signpost in the centre of the village which points its way down a short, unassuming path to the lovely bird hide.
Newtown itself is a gorgeous village that was once a thriving borough in medieval times. The area is now home to a nature reserve perfect for enjoying some of the Island’s wonderful wildlife.

Remember, whether you are looking to find the best crab restaurant on the island, or simply looking to be entertained by the personal insights of Isle of Wight residents into the island they love, speaking with our staff is the easy way to get that “local knowledge” that is so invaluable for having a brilliant Island holiday. Newtown Bird Hide